Upon their arrival on the Pop Scene in the late fifties literally countless acts have tried to duplicate the sound and the success of Don & Phil Everly.

On this page  we will  regularly focus our attention on artists that are not so easy to find on the web and/or show a strong resemblance in sound to the Everlys. Please note that every feature includes a couple of soundclips and that all the featured artists will also be added to the Legacy Hall of Fame for future reference.

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Hall of Fame
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Blue Diamonds

The Blue Diamonds

Kalin Twins

The Kalin Twins

Harmony Trail

Harmony Trail

The Searchers today !

The Searchers
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Jan & Kjeld

Jan & Kjeld


The Brook Brothers

Brook Brothers


Artist :

The Brook Brothers
Founded : 1957
Location : Winchester, England
Hits : Warpaint
Ain't Gonna Wash For A 
Everly Covers : When Will I Be Loved
Brook Brothers

The UK has always been very receptive to new musical developments on the other side of the Atlantic. Naturally that brand new harmony sound as created by two brothers from Kentucky couldn't go by unnoticed. Actually the Everlys never generated more 'copycats' than in this part of the world.

One of the very first duos to (succesfully) capitalize on this sound were The Brook Brothers. The two brothers (Ricky and Geoff) had been practising since Don & Phil hit the shores in 1957 and finally managed to crack the UK Top Ten with the Barry Mann/Howie Greenfield classic 'Warpaint' in 1961. Unfortunately for them things were soon to come to an end when The Beatles (and others) changed the music scene for good in 1963/64.........................

Just recently the fine people at Castle Music released the complete Pye recordings of this duo on a double cd-set. The quality (as usual) is great and this is really something to check out for fans of the Everly Sound. To get an idea you can download a few soundclips below !

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Brook Brothers




Ain't Gonna Wash For A Week



Please Help Me I'm Falling

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